The average person doesn't give much thought to industry certifications, especially when it comes to auto body repair shops. But auto repair is one area that certifications really matter, especially if you're concerned about the quality of repairs and auto body work that is being done on your car. When it comes to auto body repair certifications, when a shop is certified you can rest assured that your vehicle is being repaired to the highest quality standards and the shop will stand behind its work.

Ford Certified

You chose your Ford for a lot of different reasons — safety, performance and appearance, to name a few. Your Ford comes with highly advanced crash-avoidance and safety systems that rely on series of parts to work together. Seamlessly. That's why it's critical to that your Ford is repaired correctly by a Ford certified repair shop.

Fiat Chrysler Certified

Chrysler · Dodge · Fiat · Jeep - As a Fiat Chrysler certified facility, we have proven that we have the proper equipment and well-trained team to properly repair your Fiat Chrysler vehicle to the highest industry standards to ensure safety and performance.

GM Certified

By using an auto body repair shop that is GM certified, you know that you are working with a facility and team that has been setup and trained to deliver a truly exceptional service experience and that your vehicle will be repaired based on GM's high level of standards.

Nissan Certified

As a Nissan Certified Collision Repair shop, we have the right technicians, equipment and tools along with the knowledge to get the job done right, in a timely manner, and with high-quality results.

Hyundai Certified

The Hyundai certified auto body repair program ensures that we have the training, tools, equipment, and facilities needed to properly repair Hyundai vehicles after they have been involved in a collision. You have the assurance that we will ensure the fit, finish, durability, safety and value of your vehicle.


Quality Repairs

KAR is dedicated to delivering the highest quality autobody repair work in the Evergreen and Conifer areas. We pay meticulous attention to every detail on every single car we work on and guarantee our work.

All Insurance Welcome

Regardless of what insurance company you have, or even if they insist you go to their approved facility, we will work with you and your insurance to get your vehicle fixed to the highest quality standards.

Stress-free Experience

We do our best to make sure you have a stress free experience by helping with towing arrangements, rental car, and working with your insurance company to make sure it's all taken care of and covered.

Quality Repairs Are Not An Accident!