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The Only Aluminum Certified Colllision Repair facility in the foothills area.

We made the investment into equipment and training for your Aluminum Vehicles, Audi, Landrover, and Ford F150. Traditional repair centers will not have the trained staff or specialty tools need to properly perform these repairs, but we do!

This new technology will be used by more manufacturers and WE ARE READY!

We are a Certified Aluminum Repair Shop for the Ford F-150.


Why Aluminum is Different

Aluminum is a very special metal that acts much differently than other standard vehicle metals such as steel. Unlike steel, it is much harder to coax aluminum back into its original shape, curve, and style. Because of that fact, it takes skilled technicians and specialty tools to reshape the aluminum panel without damaging it further.


Aluminum & Heat

When it comes to heat, aluminum is much more prone to conducting heat than steel, which means that heat will travel faster and farther through aluminum. This will affect your vehicle repairs since it is more difficult to weld aluminum and it also requires special tools. Repair technicians have been specially trained to avoid overheating the aluminum when performing repairs since this can cause loss in integrity and strength of the metal.


Benefits of Aluminum

While it may seem that aluminum may be a difficult material, the gas mileage improvements and increased payload/towing capacity make up for it in every day driving. In addition, aluminum is as strong as steel, if not stronger, so you get the same protection (or more) without paying the price at the gas pump.



Quality Repairs

KAR is dedicated to delivering the highest quality autobody repair work in the Evergreen and Conifer areas. We pay meticulous attention to every detail on every single car we work on and guarantee our work.

All Insurance Welcome

Regardless of what insurance company you have, or even if they insist you go to their approved facility, we will work with you and your insurance to get your vehicle fixed to the highest quality standards.

Stress-free Experience

We do our best to make sure you have a stress free experience by helping with towing arrangements, rental car, and working with your insurance company to make sure it's all taken care of and covered.

Quality Repairs Are Not An Accident!