Regardless of what insurance company you have, we can work with you to get your car repaired and back up and running.

We are an independent automotive repair shop, which means we are not influenced by insurance companies and can make our own decisions on providing the highest quality automotive repairs and services.

Approved / Preferred Repair Shops

You DO NOT have to use the auto repair facility that your insurance company recommends.

Insurance companies will try to steer you to one of their 'approved' facilities. This is solely because they have worked out special discounted rates with those facilities so they don't have to pay as much for your vehicle repairs.

In the end - you end up paying the price with potential subpar repairs, parts, warranties, and more.

You have the legal right to choose whatever repair facility you want - regardless of what your insurance company says.

What is Insurance Steering?

'Insurance Steering' is the term used to describe the process where an insurance company uses influence, pressure, or some other deceptive method (such as saying you have to use one of their 'approved' auto repair shops) to push you into using the auto body repair shop or services of their choosing to repair your car.

Your insurance company may tell you that you must take your car to a specific location for the estimate or repairs, usually that facility is one of their 'approved' shops. This is not an ethical business process.

Once there for an estimate, you can be hustled into having your vehicle repairs or services done there. Often, you will be promised instant priority placement, immediate rental car availability, lifetime guarantee and more, in order to influence you into a contract for repairs.

What most people don't know is that these repair shop's use junkyard parts, aftermarket parts and a number cutting corners in an effort to save on THEIR costs, not yours, in order to maintain their 'approved' facility status with insurance companies.

Most people find out, after the fact, that they had the right to use the repair shop of their choice. Don't let your insurance company pressue you into choosing a inferior auto body repair shop.


Quality Repairs

KAR is dedicated to delivering the highest quality autobody repair work in the Evergreen and Conifer areas. We pay meticulous attention to every detail on every single car we work on and guarantee our work.

All Insurance Welcome

Regardless of what insurance company you have, or even if they insist you go to their approved facility, we will work with you and your insurance to get your vehicle fixed to the highest quality standards.

Stress-free Experience

We do our best to make sure you have a stress free experience by helping with towing arrangements, rental car, and working with your insurance company to make sure it's all taken care of and covered.

Quality Repairs Are Not An Accident!